Los Lienzos

Vargas, Puente Viesgo
Home address
Barrio El Acebal, s/n
39679 Vargas, Puente Viesgo
+34 942 598 180
+34 667 066 758
Opening and closing

Closed from December 20 to February 1.

At a glance

In this house a painter would be able -on his canvas- to represent the archetypical image of an Indiano- style house with two haughty palm-trees flanking the balcony façade from the beginnigs of the last century. The legacy that some brothers, who emigrated to and earned money in America at the end of XIX century, wanted for their parents. Now, this house is offered to the able to appreciate the carefulness and the retreat traveller. Indoors, the corridor leads us to the ground floor’s luminous premises, specially the porch and the staircase -that remains original- to the warm and comfortable rooms. A small treasure located in the heart of the valley of Pas.


Lorenzo Martínez Rivas